All the details on my new RYOBI garage door opener & why it's so cool -

My New RYOBI Garage Door Opener

Hello all! I’ve got to tell you guys I am way too excited about my new garage door opener. When we moved into “The Compound”, as we call it, we knew the garage door and opener were on the “must replace” list. But, so were about 400 other things in this house, so we held out as long as we could. Then about 3 months ago we finally couldn’t get the door closed anymore and we knew it was time. Read More

Fish Tacos - Uncookie Cutter

Fish Tacos – You Link It, We Make It Final Party

Hi and welcome back to You Link It, We Make It!   I am so sorry to announce that this will be our final party.  Kim and and I both had a hard time making this decision, but after attending Haven last weekend we both decided we want to focus more on home decor and improvement projects. We have so enjoyed this party, and the people we have connected with.  We hope to stay connected with each of you that have spent some time here with us.  Most of all, I’ll miss having a reason to chat with my friend Kim each week.  Maybe we’ll come up with another idea to collaborate soon :)! But for now, lets talk fish tacos!  Read More

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Modern Desk DIY

Hello all!  Yesterday I revealed the home office makeover I’ve been working on for months and today I wanted to share with you how I built the massive modern desk I designed.  My husband previously had a L shaped desk and has mentioned to me numerous times that he wanted a “U” shaped desk.  Of course, this presented itself as a challenge to me, so I had to make it happen.  Take a gander through the project, but don’t worry I’m having some plans drawn up soon.  Until then if you have questions ask away! Read More

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Home Office Reveal

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it is done.  You guys, this was a loooong time coming.  After all the issues we had outside with the pool remodel, I didn’t think I was ever going to be done. This was a DIY office overhaul.  I had many firsts in here over the past few month, first concrete wall, first tile installation, first desk build…it was quite the learning experience. So, without further ado here is my home office reveal. Read More

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Mushroom Tart – You Link It, We Make It #25

Hi and welcome back to You Link It, We Make It! I was traveling this week, so while at my parents home my mom and I decided on this Mushroom Tart from Cooking with Carlee.  We couldn’t find the same kind of mushrooms Carlee used, but it was still great with the mixed mushroom mixture we ended up going with.  I can only imagine how good it was with the chanterelle mushrooms! Read More