Antique Bike UpCycle and Industrial Bike Holder

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Ever since we’ve moved to Stillwater, we’ve been doing a lot more bike riding.  The hubs has been riding to work and we all ride with the kids to and from school everyday.  This is the first summer that we have no training wheels!  So, when I saw some antiques bike downtown at one of my new favorite stores, Urban Rescue, I thought it might be cool to incorporate it into the decor.  I had the perfect spot for it, so I decided to pick one up, paint it and build an industrial bike holder to go with!

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

This is what the bike looked like to start with.

Antique Bike Upcycle - UncookieCutter 16

It was covered in rust, and I don’t know a thing about rust.  It was also pretty dirty, so I had to clean it up a bit.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder - UncookieCutter.comThen I found some of this stuff in the store and decided to try it, rather than to clean off all the rust.  Since we wouldn’t be using the bike, I figured covering the rust was a good option.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

It actually covered really well!

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -


Then I started painting it with Rustoleum Metcallic spray paints.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

It was a little tough getting the black and white contrast, but I worked it out.  On the places I couldn’t get with the spray paint, I touched up with acrylic.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

It took a bit longer to paint all the little details, but once it was all done, I loved the contrast. I cut out some brown paper that I have a huge roll of, for just such an occasion.  Hint-it’s also a great to have in case you want to do a gallery wall like mine HERE.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -


Once I knew where I wanted it, I built my industrial bike holder.  It was so easy!   Plumbing pipe is all the rage right now in industrial decor, and I used it to build my throw ladder holder, so I knew it would “go”.  So here is what I bought

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

I put it all together like so. I wanted a little “lip” on the front because we get a lot of earthquakes here and I didn’t want it to shake off.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -


Then I scraped off all the stickers and spray painted it with the leftover black metallic spray paint.  I used drywall anchors to attach it to the wall, and then got some help to hoist it up to the ledge.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

The holder would have held it just fine, but because we had a little earthquake that very day, I added that little chain and double secured it to the wall :).

Almost done, but I was looking for a way to display this cool road sign my old neighbors bought for us as part of a going away present.  I love that it reminds me of those guys and the time we spent on Fennimore Rd.  So, I made a little faux road sign post out of leftover PVC pipe from my TV faux industrial shelves.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

I actually bought the bike when my best friend from growing up was here visiting, so the whole little project makes me think of friends, so double bonus.

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -

Antique Bike Upcycle and DIY Industrial Bike Holder -


I tried to take a picture of the room, which is almost done. I’m not the best photographer, and I’m still shooting with my iPhone, but this is a general idea.  I have a ton of DIY projects in this room, so take a look around and let me know if you have any questions!

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49 Comments on “Antique Bike UpCycle and Industrial Bike Holder

  1. Hi April! Just saw your post on Wow Us Wednesdays and couldn’t resist taking a closer look at an upcycled bike. I love it! You have such unique, fantastic style. I know some Stillwater folks also–have never lived there myself but spent several years in NW Arkansas and am in the Dallas area now. Anyway, I love your site and look forward to seeing more of what you create 🙂
    Melanie recently posted…Fall at the Booth plus Finding Fall Link Party FeaturesMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Melanie, what a small world! I’m going to head over and check out your party!

  2. How handy that you had an earthquake that very day to test it out! That is a really neat idea na dit turned out great!

  3. If that’s what you can do with a bike what can you come up with for two guitars? We have two that are stored behind the couch in a case and they never see the light of day. Would love to know how we can appreciate them in a more appealing way.
    The bike looks absolutely beautiful!

    • Guitars would be so cool! My friend who is a builder is looking for guitars to turn into shelves, which I think would look awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

    • How cool! A professional biker? I always that would be interesting. And don’t let this room fool you, we love this house, but oh my the amount of work that needs to be done is sometimes overwhelming :). At least I’ll have plenty to blog about for years to come 🙂

  4. This is such a great idea! I love the bike as a piece of art! I have been looking for an old bike for a while with no success. You have given me inspiration to keep looking!

  5. First off, I think it’s really cool that you bike together as a family, especially to school. That makes the addition of the bike to your decor not just a decoration, but something meaningful to you. As always, your ingenuity amazes me. I’m interested to learn about that Rustoleum primer, as I am not crafty AT ALL but have a couple of rusty old porch chairs I want to fix up.
    Leslie recently posted…Kids and Politics: The Presidential DebatesMy Profile

    • Thanks Leslie! The primer worked really well, I was very impressed! I wasn’t sure about it. It was not a nice finish on it, so you’ll have to paint after you get it on, but I barely did any sanding and it still covered and stuck on really well! Good luck with your chairs!

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  9. I’m in love with the bike in that space! And I’m equally in love with your entire space. I can’t tell if you’re in a loft apartment or if you just have a house with amazing features. Either way, I can’t stop looking at that picture of the entire room. Gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much Dawn. It’s a crazy house we got for super cheap and are “fixing up”. I’m so glad you stopped by!

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